How to level up your sports film with a Ball-Tracking Camera

How to level up your sports film with a Ball-Tracking Camera

Author: Addy Hodson

Are you an athlete? Are you wondering how to gain exposure and elevate your playing level? (No pun intended). At In-Form Sports, we have a solution for you. With the latest and most advanced technology, our ball-tracking cameras provide athletes with a wide array of benefits that will help you reach your athletic goals. Whether you are just starting out, looking to be recruited by college coaches, or needing film to analyze your team and opponents, our ball-tracking camera is an invaluable tool designed for your success. We will break down the ins and outs of ball-tracking cameras- the current demand for athletic footage, and our recommendations so you’re able to play at the collegiate level. 

Features of ball-tracking cameras are as follows:

  • Uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to track player position and ball movement
  • Camera automatically zooms in and out based on the action
  • Backend platform for coaches and players to breakdown film
  • Exciting broadcast view for spectators to watch game recaps

Check out this short clip of our ball-tracking camera following the movements of Desmond Ricks, 5 Star CB in the Class of 2023 and Zach Branch, 5 Star WR in the Class of 2023 who is committed to USC.

Desmond Ricks, 5 Star CB in the Class of 2023

Zach Branch, 5 Star WR in the Class of 2023 (Committed: USC)

Learn more about how your team can access a ball tracking camera here.

Now that you have learned the purpose of ball-tracking cameras, we will explore the importance of gathering footage for athletes to garner attention from college coaches. It has been proven that online recruiting profiles that include a highlight video receive more than 10 times as much traffic as those without one. Highlight videos draw attention from coaches who evaluate strengths and weaknesses of an athlete, along with determining if an athlete fits the criteria for recruitment to their program. Check out this  clip  highlighting how student-athletes can utilize social media to get recruited.

At In-Form Sports, we are a group of former college athletes that know what it takes to get recruited. Highlight tapes are key components to a recruiting profile in order to showcase your skill set. Here are some more helpful tips to assist your recruiting process: 

  • Create relationships with coaches
  • Introduce yourself and offer contact information in order to stay in touch to consistently communicate
  • Your personality off the field is just as important as your on-field play in order to determine the right program fit
  • Seek out resources and tutoring if you're struggling academically
  • The best way to show you’re serious about college sports is to have the grades to match

 In-Form Sports has the tips and tools to increase your chances of playing at the collegiate level.

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