IFS Top 100 7v7 Players List (100-51 Rankings)

IFS Top 100 7v7 Players List  (100-51 Rankings)

In-Form Sports is excited to announce the top 100 7v7 Players List!

With the high school football season set to start this weekend across the US, In-Form Sports is recapping the first 6 months of the year during the 7v7 circuit season. Over the course of the 7v7 season we covered several top 7v7 events and tournaments capturing countless plays and games leading to some epic highlight reels. Thanks to this we put together a list of the top football players during the 7v7 season with the goal to spotlight players in the off-season and preview players to watch during the tackle football season and see #Doesthetapematch?

Here’s how the list works for the #IFSTOP1007v7 

  1. An athlete must play on 7on7 team at any point from Jan - July to qualify
  2. Players from Class of 2023 and on are eligible
  3. Our list is based on 7on7 game film only not star ratings! The Eye in the sky doesn't lie

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  1. Anquon Fegans - DB - Miami Immortals - 2025 

IG: Anquonfegans2 | Twitter: @fegansanquon

Anquon Fegans is a versatile player on defense for the Immortals, making key plays in big moments in the 7v7 field. A young talent that we are keeping an eye on for next season and a player we are excited to see excel in his game. 

  1. Collin Hurst - QB - South Florida Express - 2023

Collin.hurst |  @cbh_20

Collin Hurst was the MVP of the OT7 for SFE leading some clutch drives that secured them the title at the biggest 7v7 event this year. 

  1. Santana Fleming - WR - South Florida Express - 2023

Tanagotfanz_ | @6takemdeep

Santana Fleming is the first of many SFE weapons that will appear on this list and one of many dual athletes that utilizes their versatile talents on the 7v7 field. Fleming has shown a solid performance at OT7 and throughout the 7v7 circuit.

  1. Kj Duff - WR - 3rd&Ten - 2024

Kj_duff | @kj_duff

Kj Duff is a name to keep an eye on heading into the fall after a strong performance with 940 Elite this season. Currently uncommitted 

  1. Grant Gray - TE - Trillion Boys - 2023

Grantgray01 | @grant_gray01

Grant Gary, is a TE to keep an eye on this fall. A strong asset for the Trillion Boys making spectacular players and major gains for the team. 

  1. Colin Hurley - QB - 24K/ Miami Immortals - 2025

| @colinhurley

Colin Hurley is a QB out of the class of 2025 that will continue to turn heads with his talent. Leading 24k to some strong performances at Battle New Orleans which finished them winning the championship, Hurley is a talent to keep an eye on. 

  1. Caleb Presley - DB - Trillion Boys - 2023

Ca13b_verified | @calebpresley5

Caleb Pressley is a strong defensive back for Trillion Boys that makes his presence felt. His consistent and functional athleticism has made him a natural football player with experience in multiple positions on the field. Pressley is someone with a lot of tools and talents in his game who will certainly make an impact at the University of Oregon. 

  1. Yazeed Haynes - WR - 215 Playmakers - 2023

Zeedhaynes2 | @zeedhaynes

Yazeed Haynes is a great player for the 215 Playmakers, matching up well against top players and teams like 24k. Haynes is a hard commit to the University of Georgia and is sure to do well at the college level. 

  1. Jerrick Gibson - RB - DEFCON/Pride Truth - 2024

Sp0ttlightjerrick_ | @gibson_jerrick

Jerrick Gibson is an incredibly versatile RB that can line up and play WR in 7v7. A top performer in the 7v7 circuit Gibson showed off his abilities and we expect him to be even harder to slow down in this coming fall. 

  1. Peyton Bowen - DB - 940 Elite - 2023

Peyton_bowen22 | @peytonbowen10

Peyton Bowen is a physical DB with great size and ability for 940 Elite and a hard commit to Notre Dame. With precise route running skills and great footwork control on the field combined with great mobility and the ability to run out of tough plays Bowen is a player sure to make an impact at the collegiate level. 

  1. David Jester - DB - Miami Immortals - 2023

| @davidjester18

David Jester made his mark on defense (and with his dance moves) but he was also versatile enough to put on offense and score some touchdowns. Another player we are looking forward to seeing play in the fall. 

  1. Daquavious Sorey - WR - 24K - 2023

| @daquayvious

Daquavious Sorey is yet another dynamic receiver for 24k. Sorey is a player we loved watching in the 7v7 circuit and are hoping to see a lot more of him soon. 

  1. Taevion Swint - RB - 24K - 2025

| @taevionswint

Taevion Swint is another dangerous RB talent for 24k. A young talent we expect him to make major waves this fall and in the next few years. 

  1. Antonio Smith - DB - Miami Immortals - 2023

Iamtoniosmith | @yunggkidd3

Antonio Smith is yet another quick player we see on the 7v7 field with the ability to find opportunities and make the plays in key moments. Smith really showed off his abilities and talents in different coverages for his 7v7 team the Immortals this season. 

  1. Myles Jackson - QB - Huncho Elite - 2024

| @mylestjacksonqb

Myles Jackson, is a very talented pro style QB out of Long beach California and has picked up offers from schools like Oregon, auburn, arizona BYU and other bigtime programs. Jackson has unbelievable patience in the pocket and was able to really cut up defenses the 7on7 season. 

  1. Dylan Rizk - QB - 24k - 2023 

Dallouna | @dylanrizk11

Dylan Rizk is a hard commit to the University of Central Florida. Rizk has shown good decision making and accuracy across multiple events. His 7v7 team 24k is full of talent and they have the QB’s match in order to get their player the ball and to make standout plays. 

  1. Mason Kidd - QB - BeastElite - 2023

Masonkiddd | @masonkiddqb

Mason Kidd is committed to Northern Illinois University and showcased a calm demeanor and the ability to make some great throws in this 7v7 season. Kidd also had a major day at the C1N Memorial Day Showcase leading his team BeastElite past teams like 24k and C1N on their way to the finals. 

  1. Daniel Harris - DB - Miami Immortals - 2024

| @h9rrisdaniel

Daniel Harris 

  1. Micah Balzarini - QB - HEIR - 2023


  1. Zachary Tobe - DB - 24K - 2023

Whynot5._ | @OZtobe

Zachary Tobe, committed to the University of Illinois. A dynamic player making strong tackles and crazy interceptions to lead his teams on the field. 

  1. Cedrick Baxter - RB - Certified Dawgs - 2023

C4era | @cedricbaxterjr1

Cedrick Baxter is a dynamic talent earning him a spot on this list. A hard man to tackle and one that opponents don’t like going against. Baxter is RB. We love watching line up and run routes in 7v7 and are excited to see him at the University of Texas.

  1. Air Noland - QB - C1N - 2024

Airnoland_ | @airnoland_

Air Noland is a QB for C1N that showed great leadership and consistency throughout the majority of the 7v7 circuit season. Air demonstrates an undeniable confidence that translates to his performance on the field. We expect another great year from him this fall at Langston-Hughes and expect him to be one of the top QB’s returning next year.

  1. Tre Wisner - RB - Trillion Boys - 2023

| @1waytreway

Tre Wisner, a speedy offensive player using his dual sport athleticism to his advantage on the 7v7 field. Running quick routes with ease Wisner is now a hard commit to the University of Texas. 

  1. Gage Felix - ATH - Tuscan Turf - 2023

Gage.felix_ | @gagefelix8

  1. Jack Luttrell - DB - Trillion Boys/Grind Factory- 2023 

J4ck_luttrell | @jackluttrell

Jack Luttrell throughout the 7v7 circuit Luttrell made some spectacular plays for Trillion Boys and GrindFactory. His play on the 7v7 field is quite impressive landing him a hard commit at the University of Tennessee. 

  1. Stanquan Clark - LB - Miami Immortals - 2023 

Moneymannquann | @moneymannquann

Stanquan Clark is a top LB capable of lining up at multiple spots on defense during 7v7. Great at making key plays and tough on opponents offensive line Clark has committed to the University of Louisville which will be very exciting to watch.   

  1. Semaj Morgan - WR - SMSB - 2023 

| @semajm72

Semaj Morgan is a tough offensive player for SMSB with consistent speed and ability to read the ball well resulting in hard to make plays downfield. With a wide array of skills he brings to the game he will surely be a weapon at the University of Michigan. 

  1. Deuce Oliver - WR - SouthernXpress - 2024 

| @ykdeuce_4

Deuce Oliver was a go to weapon for the SouthernXpress team, whenever he had the ball in his hands he was able to turn it into a big play. Not sure where he will land just yet but still looking forward to seeing his big plays next season. 

  1. Dominic Nankil - QB - Makasi Gold - 2023 

Dominicnankil | @nankils619

Dominic Nankil is a QB putting up great results in the 7v7 circuit. Another dual sport athlete Nankil puts in the work just to turn on the tape and his game speaks for itself. Currently uncommitted and excited to see where his play leads him. 

  1. Cedrick Bailey - QB - South Florida Express - 2024 

Gunslangin.cj | @cedrickbailey11

Cedrick Bailey fits the ideal stature for a QB at 6’6” and a great arm to match. We expect him to take major leaps this fall leading Chaminade-Madonna and for him to be one of the top QB’s in the 7v7 circuit next year.

  1. Issac Brown - WR - Miami Immortals - 2024 

Issac Brown, committed to Louisville Brown is a great RB who has the ability to line up and play like a receiver. He’s a matchup nightmare for linebackers and shows great speed on deep plays for the Immortals.

69. Jamari Ford - RB - Miami Immortals / SFE - 2023 


Jamari Ford can turn a 5 yd play into a highlight by making multiple defenders miss and leaving them without their ankles. As a RB we expect him to be even harder to tackle in the fall when the pads are on. 

  1. Pierce Clarkson - QB - PremiumLA - 2023

Pierceclarkson | @_pierceclarkson

Pierce Clarkson is a Louisville commit who stood out at the OT7 event with his team Premium LA and showed why the Cardinals are getting another talent at QB to follow in the steps of Lamar Jackson and Teddy Bridgewater. 

  1. Winston Watkins Jr - WR - C1N - 2025 


Winston Watkins Jr, it’s clear elite receivers runs in the Watkins family, Winston Watkins Jr is the cousin of Sammy Watkins and showed why he lives up to the family name. He is one of the top talents in 2025 and made some great plays for C1N at the OT7 tournament. Committed to Texas A&M we are so excited to keep an eye on this breakout player for the next few years. 

  1. Antonio Robinson Jr - DB - C1N - 2023


Antonio Robinson Jr, committed to Wake Forest University the defensive back C1N that made some clutch plays and interception to help them make the finals at OT7. Definitely looking forward to his time at Wake Forest University and excited to see what he brings. 

  1. Eli Campbell - DB - 24k - 2023 

Elicampbell.13 | @datkideli2

  1. Kassius Ashtiani - WR - Trillion Boys / TOA - 2023 

Atmmachine_2 | @ashtianikassius

Kassius Ashtiani, Ever watch Kassius run an option route? It’s clear he spends time on the craft and his route running made him one of the most reliable options for Trillion Boys and TOA

  1. Joenel Aguero - DB - Fast Houston - 2023


Joenel Aguero, another player with a ton of potential and consistently improving his game. A high impact player that matches up well against other top players. With a great build Aguero plays big with his strong athleticism and versatility on the field. A player with an aggressive attitude on the field, we are looking forward to seeing his game play at Georgia. 

  1. Makai Lemon - ATH - South Florida Express - 2023

Makailemon | @getabagkai

Makai Lemon, is another weapon for SFE. A USC commit, Lemon is a top prospect in the 2023 class as a very athletic player. With great control and an ultimate threat on the field USC has added a very talented athlete to their roster. 

  1. Jahlil Hurley - DB - Trillion Boys - 2023


Jahlil Hurley has shown great awareness on both sides of the ball and has the ability to play multiple positions across the field. Hurlet is showing a lot of potential with the amount of athleticism he has exhibited throughout the 7v7 circuit. It will be exciting to see what positions he will play at the next level. 

  1. Keyone Jenkins - QB - Defcon - 2023

Keyone Jenkins, committed to Florida International University this lucky lefty for Defcon showed a consistent delivery that made Defcon a tough matchup in any tournament. 

  1. Jeremiah Smith - WR - South Florida Express - 2024 

Jeremiah Smith is an SFE weapon that we expect to have a solid fall and carry that momentum into the 7v7 circuit next year. Not yet committed but another player we are excited to keep an eye on. 

  1. Jalen Brown - WR - Miami Immortals - 2024

Jalen5brown | @Smooth5ive_

Jalen Brown, with world class speed it is impressive to see that he has been playing receiver for less than 2 years. Brown has only scratched the surface for the type of receiver he can become and we are looking forward to seeing what he brings to the LSU Tigers. 

  1. Brandon Winton Jr - WR - Miami Immortals - 2024

_3szlilb | @brandonwinton1

Brandon Winton Jr is not a player to sleep on, he has shown ability to run multiple routes and made some tough endzone catches. While currently uncommitted Winton Jr is a valuable recruit and we expect to see some offers follow. 

  1. Israel Carter - QB -Trillion Boys - 2023

Israel Carter split reps with Trillion Boys QB all year and kept a great rhythm to lead touchdown drives. With his solid decision making and a good arm Carter has committed to Arizona State and we are excited to see what he does next. 

  1. Tre Spivey - WR - Tucson Turf - 2023 


Tre Spivey, an extremely versatile player currently uncommitted but predicted to land possibly at Arizona. A big 6’4 two way WR/DB for the always impressive Tucson turf alongside many D1 talents. Making the biggest plays in crucial situations against top 7v7 players. 

  1. Lamar Seymore - WR - South Florida Express - 2023


Lamar Seymore, a 3 star WR from Miami FL, 23 committed to the University of Pittsburgh. A well rounded player for SFE, Seymour has made some of the most spectacular catches seen in 7v7 this year. 

  1. Caleb Downs - DB - Hustle Inc - 2023

Downs_caleb | @caleb_downs2

Caleb Downs is the number 1 receiver in the class of 2023 and it is well deserved. The 6 foot 185 pounder is fast, strong and has next level athleticism that will allow him to succeed at the next level. 

  1. Cole Teschner - QB - Midwest Boom - 2023 

Coleteschner | @coleteschner

Cole Teschner is another standout QB. No stars? No problem. Cole Teschner from Midwest Boom balled out on the biggest stage at OT7 and drew comparisons to Josh Allen for his size and arm talent. He’s going to make waves this fall and expect to see some offers follow. 

51. Malik Muhammad - CB - Team Grind - 2023 

Returnof7 | @returnof7

Malik Muhammad, a Texas commit, he exhibits power and athleticism all across the board. Lots of versatility and quick instincts have made him a physical corner with good technique that made plays for his 7v7 team, Team Grind. A strong recruit that is sure to make crucial plays for the Longhorns.

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