What's the M.A.P.?

The M.A.P. (Mentality, Aptitude, and Personality) sports assessment is a cutting-edge tool designed specifically for college football coaches looking to recruit top-performing athletes. This innovative assessment uses video response technology to evaluate an athlete's mentality, aptitude, and personality, providing coaches with a comprehensive view of the athlete's mental and emotional makeup. The assessment prompts the athlete to respond to scenario-based questions, evaluating their mental toughness, resilience, focus, and attitude in high-pressure situations. The results of the assessment are then analyzed by the coaching staff to identify the athlete's mental and emotional strengths and weaknesses, providing critical information to help make informed recruiting decisions. Whether you're looking to build a championship-winning team or simply looking for top-performing athletes, the M.A.P. assessment can help you find the right fit for your program.

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