The MAP - National Package

The MAP - National Package

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The MAP Regional Package Includes the following for 1 year:
  1. Unlimited Access: Dive into a vast pool of athlete profiles, allowing you to explore and evaluate potential recruits anywhere in the world 24/7. 

  2. Unlimited Exclusive Invitations: Seamlessly invite athletes to take The MAP, gaining unique insights into their football IQ, skills, and mentality.

  3. Comprehensive Video Responses: Watch athletes' video responses, providing an in-depth understanding of their strategic thinking and football intelligence.

  4. Effortless Evaluation: Rate and review athletes directly on the platform, facilitating efficient collaboration among your coaching staff.

  5. Customized Analytics: Leverage data-driven insights and analytics to identify trends, assess player performance, and make informed recruitment decisions.

  6. Unlimited Staff Accounts: The National Package includes unlimited staff accounts, fostering teamwork and collaboration among your recruiting staff.

  7. Exclusive Access for your Prospects: Any athlete can use your exclusive link for free access, eliminating any barriers and encouraging broader participation.

  8. Seamless Onboarding: Our user-friendly platform ensures a smooth onboarding process for both your coaching staff and recruited athletes.

  9. Dedicated Account Manager: Benefit from personalized support with a dedicated account manager who understands your program's unique needs.

  10. 24/7 Platform Customer Support: Enjoy uninterrupted assistance with our round-the-clock, 365-day customer support, ensuring a seamless experience for both your coaching staff and recruited athletes.

  11. NCAA Approved: Rest easy knowing that The MAP complies with NCAA regulations, providing a reliable and sanctioned tool for your recruitment efforts.

The MAP Regional Package is not just a tool; it's a game-changer in how you approach recruitment. Elevate your program, discover untapped talent, and make data-driven decisions with confidence. The future of college football recruitment starts here.


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