College Coaches: Here’s Why You Should Pay Attention to 7v7 Football

7v7 football is a growing sport across the nation. Coaches shouldn't miss out on the chance to recruit top talent.

Author: Caroline Bond

The game of 7v7 footbal is a sport that can provide many benefits to coaches, players, and college football fans alike.

To start, there is overall more visibility in 7v7 football. This is due to less players being on the field, and the fact that coaches and spectators can see more of the player's face or body language since only a soft helmet is worn. 

Next, 7v7 football affords coaches a more effective way to recruit players in the off-season and watch them compete. There are eight fewer players on the field in a game of 7v7 versus a standard, 11v11 football game, which makes dialing in on individual players much easier. It also ensures that the player you are watching is going to get touches with the ball, whereas in 11v11 just because someone is on the field, doesn’t necessarily mean they will get opportunities with the ball.

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This sport gives college coaches the chance to see players in a different environment of play. This can help coaches decide between a handful of players and ensure that the player they select is the right one for their program. 

Finally, coaches can scout kids first with the help of 7v7 football and get a better look at them during the tackle football season. Most competitive 7v7 travel teams have teams that are younger than high school age. This means as a coach you can be the first to recognize young talent and start a conversation. This can make all the difference in giving a college coach a head-start with recruiting a football player. 

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