How the M.A.P. is Beneficial to Title IX for College Athletics

How the M.A.P. is Beneficial to Title IX for College Athletics

Author: Katelyn Hoffman 

The NCAA in 1972 passed Title IX, a landmark legislation that ensured equal opportunities for women in athletics across the United States. By prohibiting gender-based discrimination it has paved the way for greater gender equality in sports. This has led to institutions having to allocate resources to create equal opportunities for athletes at the college level.

Here at IFS Marketing, we know the impact legislation such as Title IX can have on college campuses and the importance of equality for athletes. Especially at smaller D3 schools, which may not have the same money to spend on just the football program for example.

We understand that the budget for athletic departments is not universal and that it is unique to each school and each season. It is important to embrace Title IX in recruiting high school athletes too, which helps foster stronger athletic departments.

Schools that embrace Title IX are enhancing the student-athletes experience including improved performance, higher graduation rates, and overall satisfaction. In-Form Sports is committed to equality for all athletes regardless of gender, skill level, and finances.

Our M.A.P. (Mental and Athletic Profile) is a cutting-edge recruitment tool designed for coaches looking to recruit top-performing high school athletes. The MAP assessment tests the makeup of an athlete's mentality, aptitude, and personality. Allowing coaches to gather information on a player's values off the field. MAP can be used for all sports across collegiate levels, regardless of the gender of the athlete. 

MAP is an opportunity for universities and athletics directors to receive a comprehensive view of the athlete's mental and emotional makeup. In-Form Sports has released a more versatile MAP assessment for all sports to be used by athletics departments rather than just one team.

Joining the IFS team ensures recruiting resources that are both NCAA-certified and avid supporters of Title IX. High-quality recruiting means better performance, fewer transfers, and a greater return on investments for programs' futures. Put your school #onthemap to high school athletes.

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