How to Let Your Personality Shine in an Interview

How to Let Your Personality Shine in an Interview

Author: Katelyn Hoffman 

It is important to let your personality show through, so your future coach can get a sense of who you are beyond your athletic abilities and qualifications.

Here are some tips for being yourself in an interview: 

  • Be Passionate: Sports are all about passion and enthusiasm. Use positive body language such as smiling, good posture, and making eye contact to express your excitement and respect.  
  • Share Stories: Share stories and experiences from your time playing football, and the messages you’ve learned from the experiences. Telling stories highlights unique moments that stood out to you in football.  
  •  Show your Knowledge: When talking to a coach it is important to demonstrate knowledge about the program and coach you are talking to. Knowing about recent games, key players, or noteworthy moments will set you apart from others. It will show your interest in the program!  
  •  Be Confident and Be Yourself: Confidence is key both on and off the field. Speak clearly and confidently, don’t be afraid to be honest about what you want and are looking for in a program. Don’t try to put on a persona of who you think they want, be yourself so you find the right fit.  
  • Use Humor (appropriately): There is nothing wrong with telling jokes and showing a good sense of humor. Don’t be afraid to make a connection, this will help both you and the coach to feel more natural and comfortable in the process. Be sure to use appropriate humor and avoid offensive jokes or comments. 
  •  Represent your Values: Avoid trying to align your values with what you think the coach may want to hear, rather provide tangible examples of when you have demonstrated values on or off the field. Adding in your values gives you a more personal aspect allowing coaches to see your ability to stay true to yourself.  

The ability to present yourself well does not mean you need to act a different way. Be confident in who you are, be yourself, and the rest will follow. You want to come across as passionate and professional, but as a real person not a robot just saying what you think they want to hear. Good luck! 


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