IFS Top 100 7v7 Players List (30-11 Rankings)

IFS Top 100 7v7 Players List (30-11 Rankings)

With the high school football season set to start this weekend across the US, Inform Sports is recapping the first 6 months of the year during the 7v7 circuit season. Over the course of the 7v7 season we covered several top 7v7 events and tournaments capturing countless plays and games leading to some epic highlight reels. Thanks to this we put together a list of the top football players during the 7v7 season with the goal to spotlight players in the off-season and preview players to watch during the tackle football season and see #Doesthetapematch?

Here our the picks for the #IFSTOP1007v7 list for 30-11, if you want to see our previous picks for 50-31 check here
  1. Deandre Moore - WR - Gamechangers - 2023 

Twitter: @deandremoorejr

Deandre Moore was recruited as a two way player out of St. John Bosco High School ‘23. The 4 star WR/CB is hard committed to play for the Louisville Cardinals.

  1. Mike Mathews - WR - Hustle Inc - 2024 

IG: Mike.matthewss | Twitter: @mike1matthews

Mike Matthews is a speedy defensive back predicted to land at Clemson, Georgia or Notre Dame. Hustle Inc is full of ballers and Matthews is no different. They don’t always get the recognition they deserve but if you turn on the tape that quickly changes. 

  1. Jonas Duclona - ATH/CB - 24k - 2024 

IG: I.amjd2 | Twitter: @duclonajonas

Jonas Duclona, often a lead corner for a talented 24k defense. An athlete who is consistently guarding the opponent’s top WRs. His tape shows him not only making big plays, but more importantly, consistently glued to receivers streaking down the field. He does not take plays off.

  1. Christopher Vizzina - QB - 2023 

IG: Christopher_vizzina | Twitter: @vizzina2

Christopher Vizzina, after the Pylon 7on7 Nationals showed us why he’s a great QB talent. The Clemson commit showed good mobility and athleticism during his time in his high school career at Briarwood Christian. The Clemson Tigers have picked up a strong QB who proves to be a threat on the field. 

  1. Mikey Matthews - WR - Trillion Boys - 2023 

IG: _mjmatt | Twitter: @_mjmatt8

Mikey Matthews is a confident route runner with great hands. When you play for “Trillion Boys” owned by Youtuber AJ Greene, you know you’re going to have a target on your back. Matthews can line up, tell you his route, and still make a play. No spotlight was too big for him during the 7v7 circuit.

  1. Adam Moore Jr - ATH/WR - Miami Immortals - 2023 

IG: 5cool_manman

Adam Moore Jr is a versatile TE that can line up at the X, Y or Z. His tape reminds us of legend Rob Gronkowski. A fun to watch player Moore wil surely be seen on the big stage as he has offers from all the powerhouse programs.

  1. Malik Elzy - WR - Midwest Boom - 2023 

IG: D1leeky8 | Twitter: @elzy_malik

Malik Elzy is a big physical receiver that can go up and moss you for a touchdown then do a backflip after the fact. Elzy is a tough player to go up against at the line of scrimmage. Backflips are the norm in 7v7 but not when you’re 6’3 and 200lbs. 

  1. Ethan Nation - CB - Trillion Boys - 2023

Twitter: @ethannation5

Ethan Nation is a 4 star cornerback from Roswell hs, GA ‘23. With quick speed and a great eye for the ball downfield Nation has yet to make a commitment to play at the next level. Ethan is a player that coaches will love on their team. His ball-racking skills and footwork always has him in the right position to get a pick or a pass breakup! He’s fearless in the secondary and if you're a Qb and you think about throwing his way, good luck because a turnover is on the way! 

  1. Richard Dandridge - WR - Miami Immortals - 2023

IG: rk_richard_1 | Twitter: @RichardDandri10

Forget star rankings and accolades, Dandridge is exactly the type of receiver you need on your team. He’ll kill you in the slot or line up outside and go right past defenders. He has some of the best tape from the 7v7 season and that's because he doesn’t take any reps for granted. A true DAWG that more people need to pay attention to. If you don’t know, now you know. Check out his tape.

  1. Jaden Rashsada - QB - Miami Immortals - 2023

IG: jadenrashada | Twitter: @jadenrashada

Jaden Rashada a 4 star QB out of Pittsburg CA ‘23. Committed to the University of Miami Rashada will go on to play high level football for the Canes. Rashada always had the talent and once he landed on the Immortals he was given the stage to showcase it. He put on one of the best performances of the year at Battle 7v7 in Dallas making every throw imaginable to guys like Washington, Dandridge, znc Jalen Brown.

  1. Hykeem Williams - WR - SFE - 2023

IG: tha_boi.keem | Twitter: @tha_boikeem

Hykeem Williams is a 5 star receiver from Stranahan High School in Fort Lauderdale. Williams boasts 35 division 1 offers and experts predict he will end up at powerhouse Texas A&M however he is yet to commit. Another big physical receiver for SFE that made plays and shows us why they are considered the “Alabama” of 7v7.

  1. Bryson Rodgers - WR - 24K/Team Tampa - 2023

IG: Iam_uno__ 

Bryson Rodgers is a 4 star wide receiver out of Wiregrass Ranch high school in Zephyrhills, FL ‘23. Committed to Ohio State Rodgers was a playmaker all throughout the 7v7 season. One of the many weapons that helped 24k dominate the 7v7 circuit.

  1. Devon Dampier - QB - Tucson Turf - 2023

IG: devon_dampier  | Twitter: @devonddampier

Devon Dampier is a three star QB out of Saguaro High School. Dampier hasn’t decided where he will play college ball but the stud will definitely be slinging the rock on national television. Dampier is a top tier QB that fits with guys like Moore, Nelson and Nico. A great leader that commands the offense with an arm talent to match. 

  1. Robby Washington - WR - Miami Immortals - 2023

Twitter: @robbywashingt10

Robby Washington is a stand out athlete coming from Miami Palmetto Highschool in Miami, FL ‘23. With quick speed on the field Washington picks up yardage easily and has successfully committed to the University of Miami. Speedster! Washington had so many highlights this year for the Immortals that almost every game he played in you could expect a deep ball TD.

  1. Tony Mitchell - S - SFE - 2023

Twitter: @DatGuyTM

Tony Mitchell is a 5 star safety committed to the University of Alabama. This all around beast showcased his talents at Thompson High School in Alabaster, AL. Between Mitchell, Cormani and the rest of the SFE defense its going to be hard to put up points.

  1. Jaylen Heyward - S - 24K - 2024

IG: jayylennn | Twitter: @Jayasii

Jaylen Heyward is a 4 star safety from Rockledge High School. Heyward boasts 33 D1 offers but the class of ‘24 DB is still exploring all his options. Jaylen is a versatile DB who can play at any position in the secondary. His ability to line up in the slot, lock up one side of the field at corner, or be a field general at safety puts him up there with the rest for the top talent in this list. 

  1. Charles Lester - ATH/CB - 24K - 2024

Twitter: @clester_ktk

Charles Lester is a 5 star corner from Riverview High School in Sarasota FL. Charles is in the class of 2024 so he hasn’t decided on where he’ll play in college but his top schools are Michigan, Bama, Georgia, Ohio State and FSU so no doubt he’ll be playing on the biggest stage in a couple years. If you search “Charles Lester” on Youtube you’ll find videos like “is he the next Travis Hunter”? That’s lofty expectations and comparisons to the #1 recruit of 2022. Lester didn’t disappoint making plays on both sides of the ball. If you turn on the tape it’s hard to tell if he is a receiver or defensive back because he made plays all over the place.

  1. Jurron Dickey - WR - Immortals - 2023

IG: s.t_juju | Twitter: @jurrionDickey

Jurron Dickey is a tank of an athlete who lines up at wideout for Valley Christian High School ‘23. Dickey, a 3 sport athlete, will continue his academic and athletic career at University of Oregon. “JuJu” showed out at OT7 and ended up being a major weapon for the Immortals. We love players in 7v7 who make plays in big matchups and Juju did that over and over at OT7.

  1. Isaiah Jean Baptiste - WR - 24K - 2023

IG: thezaylife | Twitter: @izaiahjb6

Izaiah Jean-Bapitste is a crazy talented wideout out of Osceola High School. Izaiah is currently not committed and will explore his options this fall. He is the definition of an impact player! His ability to blow the top off a defense with his speed and consistent plays made in every 7v7 game he played this season proved why we always saw him in the end zone.

  1. Cayden Lee - WR - C1N - 2023

IG: caydenx.lee | Twitter: @cayden_x_lee

Cayden Lee is a stud WR in the class of 2023 from Kennesaw GA. He played his high school ball for Kennesaw Mountain High School and has yet to decide where he will continue in college, although experts believe Ole Miss is a likely landing spot. Arguably the most consistent route runner we came across during the 7v7 season. Doesn’t have the size and accolades the other receives may have on this list but if you watch the tape he always stands out. Nicknamed “Honeycomb” for his big curly hair, he doesn’t waste any plays while he’s on the field. Every QB needs a reliable receiver like Honeycomb whenever it's time to make a play.

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