IFS Top 100 7v7 Players List (50-31 Rankings)

With the high school football season set to start this weekend across the US, Inform Sports is recapping the first 6 months of the year during the 7v7 circuit season. Over the course of the 7v7 season we covered several top 7v7 events and tournaments capturing countless plays and games leading to some epic highlight reels. Thanks to this we put together a list of the top football players during the 7v7 season with the goal to spotlight players in the off-season and preview players to watch during the tackle football season and see #Doesthetapematch?

Here our the picks for the #IFSTOP1007v7 list for 50 -31, if you want to see our previous picks for 100 -51 check here
  1. KJ Bolden - DB - Hustle Inc - 2024 

IG: Kj4dagreatTwitter: @KhalilBolden2

KJ Bolden is a highly utilized player thanks to his incredible speed and footwork on the field. A great offensive weapon for Hustle Inc with the skill of quick triggers and ability to read and react to the play quickly downfield. 

  1. David Wells - WR - Heir Academy - 2023 

IG: _.davidwells._ | Twitter:  @_davidwells_

David Wells, a speedy WR who put everyone on notice at Battle 7v7 Vegas. An under the radar player that helped Heir Academy advance through the tournament and secure a spot in the championship. 

  1. Cole Martin - DB - Tucson Turf - 2023 

IG: Coleemartinn | Twitter: @colemartin21

A hard commit to the University of Oregon, Cole Martin is a top recruit coming out of Arizona. A tough player to go up against Martin showed off his skills in the 7v7 circuit this past season giving proof to why he is a valuable player and recruit and will be exciting to watch in the upcoming season. 

  1. Drelon Miller - WR - Fast Houston - 2024 

Twitter: @drelonmiller

Drelon Miller, currently uncommitted but a great leader and talented athlete of the Fast Houston team. A player we’ve loved watching during this past season of 7v7 as Miller made some spectacular plays at OT7. 

  1. Ethan Davis - TE - Trillion Boys - 2023 

Twitter: @davis1ethan

Tennessee commit Ethan Davis is a top target for any QB. With the ability to stretch out big gains and carry the ball well Davis is another top athlete and recruit bringing more power and athleticism with him as a dual sport athlete. A competitive player that we loved seeing in the 7v7 circuit and will be sure to keep an eye on. 

  1. Ric'Darious Farmer - WR - 24k - 2024  

IG: 7k.dayday | Twitter: @dayday_f7

Farmer is a hard receiver to guard 1 on 1 on a stacked 24K team. If we could pick one Michael Jackson song to describe his game it’s “Smooth Criminal”. Catch him moonwalking in the endzone after he hits with a couple of moves and robs you of your ankles. 

  1. Jerry Mclure - ATH - Makasi Gold - 2023 

Twitter: @jerry8mcclure

Jerry Mclure is the number 30 WR in the class of 2023 out of mater dei high school. The 6’2 195 receiver has shown crazy speed that can create seperation against any corner in the country. 

  1. Cole Welliver - QB - Texas Flex - 2024 

Twitter: @colewelliver
Cole Welliver is a 4 star QB of Flower Mound TX, ‘24. Welliver has all of the characteristics to fit an elite QB, those being : good size, strong arm and solid decision making. Currently uncommitted, Welliver is sure to make a solid impact wherever he lands. 

  1. Nathaniel Joseph - WR - SFE - 2023 

IG: Nathanieljosephjr | Twitter: @rayraythaboy

Nathaniel Joseph is extremely quick in the field and can line up in multiple spots on offense. Always finding a way to get the ball in his hands he is able to make long gains out of short runs. Another south florida speedster that can blow you away. He reminded us a lot of Deebo Samue. If you’re a QB, just find a way to get the ball in his hands. 

  1. Jaydn Davis - QB - Carolina Stars - 2024 

IG: Jadyndavis_ | Twitter: @iamjadyndavis

Jadyn Davis, a  leader on the field with clean footwork and great ball placement downfield. Davis showcased a solid performance at OT7. We’re excited to see what he does this fall and next season for the 7v7 circuit.

  1. Aidan Mizell - WR - 24k - 2023 

IG: Aidan_mizell | Twitter: @aidanmizell

Aidan Mizell is one of the fastest receivers in this class, Mizell can take a short route for 6 after the catch or run right by you for the deep ball. Extremely skilled at running routes and can carry the ball downfield well Mizell is a very talented recruit for Florida’s offense. 

  1. Jaydan Hardy - DB- Miami Immortals - 2024 

IG: Jaydan.hardy | Twitter: @jaydan_hardy

Jaydan Hardy is another speedster out on the 7v7 field. A great player to have out on the field always looking to make big plays and to help his team in any way. A strong defensive player looking to be recruited with several offers in Hardy is always a fun player to watch and we are looking forward to see more of him.

  1. Goldie Lawrence - WR - 24k - 2023 

IG: 1k._goldie | Twitter: @1gonescore

Darren “Goldie” Lawrence is one of the leading receivers at Seminole High School, Sanford, FL. Goldie is part of a 24k team flooded with talent at receiver position. “Turn on the tape!” like our guy EliteEmpireAthletes likes to say and you’ll see why this rank.

  1. Joshisa “Jojo” Trader - WR - SFE - 2024 

Joshisa “Jojo” Trader, another dynamic receiver for SFE that is a top 10 talent for his class We expect to see him carry this moment into the fall for Chaminade-Madonna and dominate the 7v7 scene next year. 

  1. Noah Rogers - WR - Caroline Stars - 2023 

IG: Noah1rogers | Twitter: @noah1rogers

Noah Rogers is another multi-sport athlete that uses his dual sport to his advantage. With impressive speed and footwork he tracks the ball well and adjusts well downfield to off-line throws and makes the tough plays look easy.

  1. Jelani Thurman - TE - HunchoElite - 2023 

Twitter: @jelani3345

Jelani Thurman, as a multi-sport athlete Thurman displays great athleticism on the field and is a natural football player. When he brings out the Spiderman outfit you know it’s a wrap. Thurman shows great athleticism for his size and is a top option when you need an endzone fade.  

  1. Caden High - ATH - Beast Elit/Huncho Elite - 2023 

Twitter:  @cadenhigh

Caden High, another DAWG who doesn’t get the recognition or accolades he deserves (yet). Caden High played for Beast Elite and Huncho Elite and was a standout player against major teams like C1N or 24k. We loved his brash style of trash talking and the fact he could back it up with his play. Another player who can lock up on defense then go play offense and score touchdowns. 

  1. Bryce Underwood - QB - Sound Mind Sound Body - 2025 

IG: onenine.__ | Twitter: @bryceunderwoo16

No moment was too big for Bryce Underwood during 7v7. Good luck trying to blitz him because he could shake you out your shoes then throw a 40 yd dime. As a rising sophomore Underwood will be on this list for years to come.

  1. Reuben Owens - RB - Bootleggers - 2023 

IG: 4socr4zy | Twitter: @ii_rueben

Rueben Owens, earning the #1 RB was well deserved as seen playing for the Bootleggers in 7v7 with his spectacular catches. The best reaction is your jaw dropping when you realize he’s a RB and not a WR. As a hard commit to University of Louisville Owens is certainly a player to keep an eye out for. 

  1. Jeremiah Vessel - CB - Tucson Turf - 2023 

IG: Jeremiahvessel_ | Twitter: @jeremiah5vessel

Jeremiah Vessel is a good physical defensive back that was a leader and took command of the Tucson Turf defense. Vessel’s unique athleticism has led him to receive 25 Division 1 offers; however, a final decision has not yet been made. 

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