Mastering the M.A.P. Assessment

Mastering the M.A.P. Assessment

Author: Katelyn Hoffman 

Inform Sports M.A.P. Assessment provides athletes with the opportunity to have college coaches be able to evaluate your mentality, aptitude and personality through video response technology. This gives college coaches an overall view of your mental and emotional strength rather than on field talent alone. In this post we will run through 5 reasons athletes should be taking the M.A.P. assessment, and 5 tips for how to stand out with your answers.  

5 Reasons Athletes should take the M.A.P. Assessment 

  1. Demonstrates an athlete's mental toughness, resilience, focus, and attitude 
  2. Helps athletes make informed decisions while considering different schools 
  3. Increases exposure and opportunities to connect with college coaches 
  4. Helps athletes stand out from other recruits 
  5. Provides holistic understanding of athlete's personal strengths and areas of improvement 

5 Tips on Standing Out During the M.A.P. Assessment  

  1. Familiarize Yourself with the MAP assessment, review the structure and sections of the assessment. Review the types of questions being asked and have an answer formulated before you hit the film button.  
  2. Allocate time to prepare for your answers, and practice for the MAP assessment. Focus on developing skills related to decision-making, critical thinking, and situational analysis. 
  3. Answer questions honestly and consistently with your values, beliefs, and natural instincts. Trying to provide answers that you think college coaches want to hear may not accurately represent your true mental aptitude. 
  4. Emphasize your willingness to learn, adapt, and follow coaching instructions. Demonstrate your openness to constructive criticism and your commitment to personal growth. 
  5. Dress appropriately, wear a golf shirt or a button down. It is better to dress more formally than less formal. You want to impress college coaches and hold yourself to a high standard of excellence. 

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