What is 7v7 Football?

What is 7v7 Football?

Author: Caroline Bond

7v7 football continues to grow across the country, and whether you’re playing to improve your skillset or increase exposure from college coaches, it’s proven itself a sport that’s here to stay.

Here at In-Form Sports, we believe in growing exposure to 7v7 football, and that growth starts with educating our community about the rules and benefits of 7v7 football. 

So, for those that are asking, “What is 7v7 football?” we’ve assembled a guide with the most important information you need to know.

Check out the video below for an example of 7v7 football filmed with our AI ball-tracking cameras

Matchup: Chaminade-Madonna vs Miami-Central 

So...What is 7v7 Football?

One of the most obvious differences between traditional football and 7v7 football is the uniform requirements. In 7v7 football, you’ll see that players don’t wear pads because there is no tackling. Because of this, the play is officially over when the player with the ball is tagged below the neck. While there is no tackling, it is still an extremely physical sport, so players are required to wear a soft helmet. 

Another major difference is that 7v7 football does not have a formal offensive or defensive line, which means there is also no running game. 7v7 football emphasizes passing and route-running, which helps foster a fast-paced environment. That being said, if you’re an athlete looking to sharpen your skills as a quarterback or receiver, you should definitely consider playing 7v7 football. 

1. Get more reps

For receivers, quarterbacks, or any player looking to fine-tune their skills, 7v7 football is a perfect opportunity to get reps in a competitive setting. It simulates game-like situations and is an elite alternative to running drills and working out. 

2. Increased College Exposure
More and more coaches are using 7v7 football tournaments and film as a recruiting tool to discover their next best player prior to the tackle season. 7v7 football film is great to catch a coaches eye, tackle film is great to showcase your skill transfers over. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be seen!

3. Competition in the Off Season
7v7 football was designed to allow players to continue playing competitively in the offseason. Join a travel team and travel around the country to compete against top talent.

4. Limited Injuries
Since plays end with a tag instead of a tackle, athletes are less likely to get injured in the course of play.

5. Exciting to Play and Watch
Because there is no face mask, it's easier to recognize highlights and celebrations from your favorite players.

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