Why College Football Fans Should Watch 7v7 Football

Why College Football Fans Should Watch 7v7 Football

Die-Hard College Football Fans, You Need to Know 7v7 Football

  • Get to know your favorite college team's top recruits before the season: 7v7 football is a great way for college fans to learn about a program's incoming freshman before they put on a jersey. Identify your favorite players so you know who to watch on college game day.  
  • Great off-season entertainment for college football fans: If you're looking for a way to stay engaged with your favorite college football teams and players during the off-season, 7v7 football is a great option. With games played in the spring and summer, 7v7 provides a chance to follow your favorite players and teams while traditional college football is on hiatus.
  • High-scoring games: 7v7 football is played on a smaller field with fewer players, resulting in a more open and high-scoring game. With the lack of a kickoff, 7v7 games typically start with a possession at the 50-yard line, leading to more scoring opportunities and a quicker pace of play.


  • Increased opportunity for young players: 7v7 football provides a great opportunity for young players to get reps and improve their skills. With fewer players on the field, each player has a greater chance to touch the ball and make an impact on the game. 
  • Faster pace of play: 7v7 football is played with a running clock, which means that there are no breaks in play for things like huddles or timeouts. This leads to a faster pace of play and a more exciting game for viewers.

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